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Dusk Rio, Gualbert Milward

Behind the glass | Mykhailo Mykulyak
I have always been fascinated by visual arts. My love for photography began in 2004. I was visiting Switzerland on a job assignment and decided to take a trip to Eiger and Jungfraujoch. Much to my chagrin, I went there without a camera. Needless to say, I regretted every second since I wanted to capture those memories and share with others. I vowed that I need to share this beauty around us and will never be without a camera.
Fast forward 7 years and I have traveled to many interesting places in the world. My solemn goal is to inspire others to travel and explore this world since that is the only way we can break cultural barriers. Thanks for your support while I wander. Good luck and Bon Voyage!

Mount Vernon, WA
by Jared Atkins  (

_DSC0605 by 翔雲 | Flickr